What Makes a Good Dash Cam?

Technology has given everyone the opportunities to live their lives to the fullest with comfort and ease. One of the best and helpful devices that you need to give you daily comfort is dash cam. What is a dash cam and how does it work? Dash cams are basically cameras equipped to the front and […]

I love my Swegway, and why you should get one too

If you have yet to catch on with the latest trends then you’re about to learn the new gadget sweeping the nation. The Swegway, no that’s no a mistype of segway is the great new floating board. Loads of outlets including Swegway Boards UK have caught onto the trend and started selling them at great […]

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to Station Ternminus, my names Daniel and this is my gaming and tech blog that I’ve started as part of my University Degree. Studding at Manchester, Uni has really evolved me in the person I am today, I hope that I am able to bring out my passion for gaming and tech via this […]