I love my Swegway, and why you should get one too

If you have yet to catch on with the latest trends then you’re about to learn the new gadget sweeping the nation.

The Swegway, no that’s no a mistype of segway is the great new floating board. Loads of outlets including Swegway Boards UK have caught onto the trend and started selling them at great prices.

Made popular by a group of online celebs the sideman, swegways are essentially a cross between a segway and skateboard combined with lights to create the ultimate transportation device proiding you the illusion of floating.

They come in various colours, although my favourite is the black one, the swegway is fast becoming the ultimate gadget this year which every Tom, Dick and Harry wants. And I can see why as only having mine for a week I don’t actually know how I would’ve survived without it, it has made me so lazy as I glide around the flat at Uni and have even started using it to take me to classes.

Seriously if you’ve yet to try one I would highly recommend it, it’s so much fun.